Saturday, March 12, 2011

Smart Media Technologies

Dreaming of a Better Life? Creating a brighter future for you and your family doesn't have to be a dream. Today, you have the opportunity to create the perfect balance in life: family, personal, and financial.

There are about 2 billion people online. The Smart Media Desktop is the first and only product that every one of those 2 billion users can benefit from.
The FREE Smart Media Desktop is packed with great value!! On the fun side... We have Free Video games, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Prize Contests. Everyone wins Smart Points when you enter. Smart Points can be redeemed for a variety of fantastic merchandise.


Preparation for Business

Doing business online is not much different than doing business offline, except for the obvious differences; location, brick and mortar, leases, licenses, signage, business cards and letter head, etc.
First Advise I is to Prepare: It is not a simple, single step, sign up. we do all the work for you and sit back and collect your money process.
What do you already know about business and it its various functions, distribution, products and pricing, sales and marketing, after sales support, etc.
You need a plan(s); plan for your business, plan for your financial and for marketing. You also need a personal action plan. You must know what your business is required of and where you go to get that.
Most offline business start from an interest, a hobby or a passion. (sure you get buy a franchise and they train you, but this is going to be your business)
Online should not be much of a different : What is your passion? Google find product or services that help fulfill some of your passion. Pick perhaps 2 or 3 and do your own due diligence, Join a few and learn the responsibilities for your action.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Income Business Opportunity

SMART MEDIA TECHNOLOGY is a cutting edge FREE desktop APP 5X faster than other browsers! can be BRANDED and given away to client bases - loaded with a massive amount of content - including free Software, Movies, Games, Social Media Training,

Educational course etc. GET IT 4 FREE:

This is the Business Income side: